IQANsync available as beta test for Android

Johan Lidén (Product manager) 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 18

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Use this link to try out the beta version:


Limitations in the beta version

- Send project/clone

- Cannot send password protected projects
- Cannot send if master address does not match application
- Cannot send incomplete clone file
- Cannot send to incomplete system (ie not all masters found)
- Cannot send project file that would downgrade CAN

- PIN code protected logs can not be downloaded

Product Launch planning

Final version on Google Play in September 2016

Does IQANsync work on Android tablets or just Android phones?

The GUI is designed for phones, but will work on tablets.

For some reason I cannot find the app using my tablet (G-pad 7.0 from LG). When I click on the link above, it says not available....

You won't find the app in Google Play, as it is not released yet, it's only available as a beta test version. This means you must first sign up as a tester. It is strange it says "not available" when you click the link, it should say you're invite to a testing program for IQANsync and show a button "Become a tester". Have you tried the link in your PC web browser?

I've checked you're tablet make and model and it is supported by IQANsync.

Ulrik, I'm already a tester i have the SW on my phone, I'm just trying to add it to my tablet as well.

Yes I have tried the link in a web browser, just says not available.

correction, in the web browser it tells me I am already a tester and then it wants me to click a link to download via the Google Playstore. Once in the google Playstore, its says "item not found".

Are you logged in to Google Play on your tablet as the same user as on your smart phone?

That was the problem, I was signed in under a generic work account. All is good now. Thanks again Ulrik!

How soon do you expect the full version of IQANsync to be released? Will it allow password protected applications to be uploaded to machines?

Full version was released in August, you'll find it on Google Play. There's also a direct link here: http://www.iqan.se/store/iqansync.html.

The Android version does not support password protected files currently.

Does Parker plan on developing an Android version that will support password protected files? If so, is there an estimated date?

Absolutely, we plan to support password protected files on Android in a future release. Unfortunately, I'm unable to give you a good estimate today.

Do you happen to have an estimated completion date for IQANSync so we can send password protected files?

Late November/early December is the current target.

Hello, nice app! What we would like is that you can get logfiles in .CSV format directly from the machine to the app. Then we can use the data without IQANrun. Now you need to open IQANrun and even open the project. Please tell us if it is possible.


This is currently not possible, but we are planning to support it in a future version.


I have downloaded some log files .irf4 via iqansync on Android (could not save as .csv).

What do I need to view the logs on my PC (win 7!).

I have IQUANrun 5 (Evaluation license) but it will not recognise the files?

The feature to read out the logs directly as CSV was added in IQANsync 5.01. 

To use it, the IQAN master must run version 5.00 or later. 

As you are getting .irf4 files, the master is running version 4.x. 

The IQANrun 4 log file format with the file extension .irf4 is a log that has all the log records but doesn't include the metadata needed to interpret the file. 

To read it, first open the project file or a clone file in IQANrun 4, then you can open the .irf4 log file and save in other formats.