IQAN Network Key Not Recognised Error

Kevin 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 1

Hi we have had a customer report 'IQAN Network Key Not Recognised' error appearing on MD4-7 with a 3 master system (2 x MC3). We are currently unable to access logs and see if this error has logged. There is no photograph of the error displayed on the screen, the operator only recalled it after the shift, therefore the error may have been worded slightly different.

Is there information on this type of error and what it means? I have looked through the manual and cannot find anything along these lines. I wondered if it was a project ID mismatch error?

I am not aware of any message in the IQAN system that is phrased like this. Unless you have any CMSG or IMSG in the application with a similar text, my guess is that it was a different message.

For the question about whether this could be a project ID mismatch, no, if this was the case, then the multi-master system would not have had any communication between modules and you would have seen an 'alien online' message instead.