IQANrun now available on App Store

We are happy to announce the release of IQANrun on App Store. Hurry up and get your copy today, it's offered at a low introductory price for a limited time period.

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IQANrun is a user friendly service tool for the IQAN series of controllers and displays. It enables service technicians or machine owners to connect wireless to IQAN modules in their machines, and perform actions such as check system status, view logs, measure in real time and change settings.


Connect via WiFi, Bluetooth or Internet to your IQAN system. All data you see is live and in real time.

System overview

Image 480IQANrun is a powerful troubleshooting tool. It features a system overview function, where you quickly find module or I/O related alarms or errors. Here you will also find settings such as date/time and language, and module information such as serial number, software version and more.


Image 481View all logs (system, event and statistical) and their content. There is a filter function that lets you find what you're looking for fast and easy. And you can erase the content of a log when needed.


Image 482This is a powerful tool when you need to do more detailed trouble shooting, or just want to view the value on a certain input, output or internal channel. All measured values are presented with their corresponding unit and status, or graphically in a line graph.

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IQANrun has a unique function for adjusting inputs, outputs and parameters in real time. It is also possible to reset a setting to its factory default value if needed.


You can perform operations such as "Log in", "Send to machine" or "Get from machine". The send and get operations work with settings, clone and project files. Files can be transferred to and from your device using email or Dropbox.

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