G11 default connectivity settings

C. Harp 8 years ago updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 7 years ago 8


I have been testing with the G11 device and Sync for a few months now and continually run into the same problem.

If if have a system that has been written without the G11 device options than i have to connect with another tool such as CAN, USB Ethernet to add it. I think this greatly limits this tools potential.

I would like to see a new version of IQAN Design that has the G11 defaulted into each program (and have all settings set to ALWAYS) so we can connect with IQAN Sync at anytime without first having to reprogram for it.

There are customers that are interested in using this technology but will have to have their program edited for the G11 to work. If the new version of design had this preset than all new program that we write will make way for an easy sale of a G11 and connect subscription.

You should not have to add the G11 to your project for it to work. If you don't have it in the project the G11 will show up as "IQAN-G11" in the Bluetooth device list in IQANsync (if included in the project it will instead show the machine ID).

The Connectivity settings under Security are set to Ask user by default, so you will be able to connect via IQANconnect if there is an IQAN display module in your project. If there is no display, you will be warned about this in the project check.

My problem is that many of the machines i work on will not have a display on them. I would just like to see the default changed from "ask user" to "always"


A comment on the answer that Ulrik gave is that it applies to version 4.

If the master module is running version 3, it is actually possible to get the G11 to work also, but it requires a few tricks. It is actually possible to use the G11 with software as old as version 3.14.
For a master running version 3.14 to 3.19, you can add a G2 modem to the project file to get the properties "allow remote stop" and "allow remote connection". (The G2 does not have to be installed, it can be disabled.). These versions also have a property "allow smart device connection", this has to be enabled too.
The only exception is IQAN-MC3; because the MC3 safety certificate on version 3 was made before the IQAN smartphone and tables existed, connections to an IQAN-MC3 implementing safety functions is not possible in version 3, only in version 4.

Can you please list the instructions or tricks to get the G11 connected without having to change the program settings?


One of the things I do in my job is to try to foresee all reasonable things a customer might want done with the equipment. I have several enable/disable settings to account for hardware that may or may not be there, including sensors I have only seen in a catalog. The G11 will be one of them going forward.


If you set a MC3 with 4.x loaded in safe mode (start it without a ID-tag) you will be able to download a new application via the G11. This works even if the application that was loaded is set to not allow you to download in normal cases.

That is interesting. Do you know if this works only on the MC3?

This should work for all master modules.

When they are set in 'safe mode' the application that is in the module is not loaded at all, so the settings telling the module to not accept the incoming transfer from the G11 is not read.

I have personally tested this on a MC2, MC3 and MD4.