web interfacing options for G2

Zach 9 years ago updated by Tuomas 7 years ago 4
I need some server side automatic report generation abilities, and some web tools.

Might be dreaming, but if I could get either Myspace.com former webdesign abilities or Obsidianportal.com wiki design abilities that would be awesome. Would like to put up banners and backgrounds for my company along with links to my company website.

Javascript would be cool, though I think basic html would be enough.

For the automatic reports, I want to be able to have the server login to the machines each day and try to extract some fuel usage and performance. Logging in with IQANrun is nice, but I want the machine and server to contact me.

I can setup text messages from the machine. So that is cool. However, some of my programs are maxed out in memory, and it would be nice to put the burden on the server instead of the controllers since I perceive that the server would be better at the job. Should be cheaper than adding a module for memory or something like that, though I could be wrong.
(some of my machines just have many options all in one program)

Ability to setup automatic reports on machine stats collected and distributed by the server
Ability to set backgrounds, banners, and general appearance for customers looking at their web portal
Ability to create wiki pages for the customer management of their machines

Hi Zac, it sounds as though you require an IQAN telematics solution. We have had experience with a couple of different applications and the requirement to put the IQAN controlled machine on line. On both occasions we interfaced with an external telematics module over CAN. The data is then sent to an external database over IP. You can then design whatever you want in terms of a database and customer portal front end.
Hi Nick, who or what are you recommending I contact or get?
In our successor to G2, named G3 (surprise), there will be support for Proemions telematics service. For more information on what it can do, see http://proemion.com/.

Any plan to do this with G11 modem? We need very simple way to monitor our log file and web page system like above could be solution.