CAN Diagnostics Improvement Request

Nick Pridham 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 1

Platform 4 - MD4

Is it possible to provide more information regarding CAN error reporting ?

For example "Critical CAN Error"

Can you information regarding the type of error that has been found ? For example


-Insufficient termination

-Error frames

-High utilisation

Summary: If the MD4 shuts down a CAN port due to a critical error then I just want to know exactly why.

4.04 IQAN Analyse - NI CAN Analyser.

The tool now reports CAN errors. Is there any more information available regarding the error frame encountered?

Hi Nick,

Your topic is not forgotten, to answer part of your questions, I wrote a small knowledge base article about the difference between No contact and Critical CAN bus error, here: