IQAN G2 can-adapter cable

Phan Hiep 7 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 3

Hi everyone, i try to config the IQAN G2 module, but there are an error that IQAN run cannot recongize Can modem. My can-adapter cable is IFM EC2112, i dont know that because the cable or not. I already try in IQANRun 3 and 4. Any body introduce me the right name can-adapter for IQAN G2, thank you so much.

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Dear Mr Ulrik, I use Can-Adapter cable of IFM, I connect power supply ,CAN_H and CAN_L from G2 to my computer but it not work. So it mean I have to use the can-adapter in the link of your post to make it work?