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MC3 LED flash not listed in manual?

Kevin 8 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 4

We have an MC3 controller with a flash code not listed in the manual.

Can anyone clarify what this flash means please? It appears to prevent the controller from accepting software and it fails to boot. We have various CAN Open sensors connected to the system, not sure if its linked to this?

4 x red flash, 1 x amber, 2 x amber, 1 x amber, 1 x amber, 3 x amber.

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The blink codes starting with 4 red and one yellow belongs to a group of error codes described as

4:1 Internal error/OSE


The flashes that follow provide additional detail.

When the MC3 is in this state showing the 4:1 blink, all functions will remain off until the MC3 is rebooted.

If restarting does not help, also try starting it without the application loaded (removing or shorting the IdTag)

I checked this specific blink sequence, and it appears as an issue is related to CAN-B, but unfortunately without any useful information on what could have caused the crash.

Thanks for the swift response.

We do have 4 CAN open devices connected to the module. The system is 1 x MD4, 1 x MC3 with can open attached to CAN B and C (b is a string of 3 devices, c is a single device) and 1 x MC3 (no CAN devices)

The system appears to only crash when sending a new application and the CAN devices are attached to the IQAN modules. The application will be deleted and MD4 will load application successfully, the second module fails to accept the new application, this is the one with CAN devices attached. After a time period it says no response from master in IQAN Design and fails to update the system further, the module in question flashes the sequence listed above.

The only way of getting the system to update and work is unplug all the CAN devices connected to the modules and load the application, then connect the devices once the software is installed on the modules. Cycling the ignition the system works flawlessly. Its almost as if the modules shut down the application and then error as a result of the CAN devices still being connected during new download only?

All CAN devices are running at 250kbps and this is configured the same in the application.

Can the detailed error codes be inserted into the manual please? Knowing it is CAN B is useful to know because currently there is no way of knowing what the error is related to. It at least points us to the right direction, i'm sure others will also benefit.

Thank you. The information that it happens when the CANopen nodes are connected during SW update of the multi-master system is really interesting. I'll send you a mail with some additional questions.

Not reproducible

old problem that was never reproduced.