Iqan mdl2

Arthur 7 years ago updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 6 months ago 4

Hello , I have an older MDL2 panel that suddenly gave an error message . ( see picture )

I can't get contact with the panel using design unless I start up in safe mode .

When I load the program in safe mode it will say the application is loaded but than when i start the MDL2 up again I get the same error .

Program used is Iqandesign 3.19.9Image 698

Is there a way to solve this or is the MDL2 broken ?

Best regards , Arthur


I have seen one picture of this exact error code once before, that was in 2013, on an MDL2 running version 3.02. Never saw the actual module though.

My suggestion is to contact the local Parker sales office and get the MDL2 sent in for repair/investigation. Given that the MDL2 is in phase out attempt to repair should be better than replacing it.

Hello Gustav ,

Thank you for your reply , I have contacted Parker and will send the MDL2 for investigation

I have a Rich Linde on which the mdl2 display is installed
With version 2.60.25
I replaced another diplay with version 2.08.19 but it does not connect with the device
How can I transfer the old display software to the new display?

You will need to contact your local Linde support as the specific Linde software is owned by them and they hold all the relevant passwords and files.