Access adjust screen items with logic channel

Ethan Zeman 7 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 2

I would like to access the adjust screen to adjust a text parameter similar to how the Action of a VIN channel can be used from a display screen. However, I do not want to us a VIN. Instead I would like to use internal logic (i.e IF X= True AND Y = True goto Adjust Paramter Z). Is this possible? Thanks

Sorry, I miswrote... I mean I want to be able to adjust the parameter similar to how a Button Control can be used to execute the adjust Action from a display screen but with internal logic.

For adjust items with a single value of type real, integer, boolean or state, what you can do is to place say a slider, switch or state picker display control on a display page, and then have the property Show on this display page activated on by internal logic.

For adjust items with more than one value (e.g. VIN), there would have to be a button on that display page to bring you to the adjust item.

That is also the way to do it for a Text Parameter, it is possible to make a shortcut to the adjust item via a button on the display page.