Load Moment Indicator System

MIGUEL SANCHEZ 7 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 6

I found this Bulletin LMI HY33-5054_US and I like to know how can i do this program Because this bulletin says someting about boom length sensors. But I can´t find information about this sensors or how can I measure length of the crane booms?


Thank you All

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From Parker you can use the Intellinder cylinder with the marked rod for monitoring distance. There are other solutions like magnetic sensors or 'string pots' from 3rd party manufacturers. Any of these can be combined with Parker rotary sensors and IQAN master displays to make an LMI system.


Like Ken suggested, Intellinder would be the best option from Parker. MTS makes the Temposonic in cylinder rod sensor. I would stray away from string pots unless it is just for testing, they are not very robust.

Miguel, I am curious if you can share where you found Bulletin LMI HY33-5054_US as I would like to read it as well.  


Please note that for machines sold in Europe, this type of system needs to be based on a safety certified controller to have a chance of meeting the current requirements. The old bulletin lists the IQAN-MC3, nowadays we also have the IQAN-MC4xFS series as a better choice. Both the IQAN-MC3 and the IQAN-MC4xFS series are IEC 61508 SIL2 certified, which enables the machine designers to create safety functions with up to EN 13849-1 PLd using these controllers.