Better Software upgrade method

Jean-Marc Zanni 7 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 3

I have been a long time user of your product since Version 2.0.  One of the thing I like is your constant search for improvement in your package.  This also means that we have about once a month to update our software.  Since I have 3 machines, That is 3 time 3 updates(Design/Simulate/Run).  It is a bit time consuming and labor intensive.      

Since we have now cloud based storage with local copy at least I do not have to suffer the Download time.

If I go to the forum, I can download a Complete package, but when I use the software update it only downloads the specific package.  But I do not seem to find a method to access the specific package download page.  Both Forum and Website direct us to the Complete package.

It would be nice to:

1) have access to a page to download the specific package.  For Example, this morning I had just upgraded my field laptop to Iqan Design 4.07.  I have to open the other two packages to download run and simulate.  Downloading the complete package is counter productive since I have to re-enter the license number(I think?) but most specifically I have already use my

2) Instead of only upgrading the specific package may be the upgrade function could automatically offer to download the other package depending on your license type.  alternatively this could be an offer to download the complete package if I do not have to re-enter the license again.

Once again this is only a suggestion and certainly not in the must have category.  I will continue to upgrade because I know I can trust your product and want to make sure I have access to the latest and greatest.



ps:  Since we use cloud base and sync'ed local copy, It would also be nice to allow us to go to the install from a local file instead of having to go thru the download.


Hi Jean-Marc,

Thank you for your feedback. In 5.0 we're moving away from the studios. Instead we are going to sell and distribute each software separately. That means there will be download links for each single program available. We're also making the setup files a lot smaller, in order to decrease the download time. Hope this helps!