Vref Error

Mitch Houle 7 years ago updated by Sisu13 7 years ago 3

I have 2 reports of Vref Errors and they are reading right around 5V, which is normal, what can cause this? The picture below was taken from a video of one of the customers machines. the other codes are sensors that are picking up and dropping from what i am assuming is the root of the Vref Error.

Image 848

If the value differs only a little bit, the error will come up. It might have been a little spike or dip in the voltage...

It would be helpful to know when this happens, during startup or when starting an engine.

Are there sensors hooked up to 12V but are they said to be on VREF in the software?

The picture was taken from a video where the errors were constantly flashing (1-6). The machine did not need to be running. 

Until now I did not know there was a setting for sensors that are hooked up to the VREF in the software. One of the reports has only one sensor hooked up and is on the VREF setting correctly. This one is reading occationally 5.2. 

Is the VREF error enough to cause a No Contact Error?

Check your negative or reference 0 volt chassis wires.