Log Scrolling

Drew 7 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 3

I have created a an event log in my MD3 project. On the display, if there are multiple pages worth of log entries, an arrow appears. For example there is a little arrow on the right indicating that I can scroll down for more logs. When I push the down button, nothing happens, but when I push the up button, it moves to the next page. Is there a way to correct the direction of the log scrolling, or do I have something configured wrong. 

The MD3 will scroll 10 log entries at a time, either up or down in the list.

What you can do to change the sort order (F2 button), that will jump to the other end of the log and change the order in which the log records are shown, oldest at the top or oldest at the bottom. 

My confusion is that when you hit the end of the list, the display only shows a single arrow. If the arrow displayed is pointing up because I'm at the bottom of the log, I have to push the DOWN arrow to get it to move up the list. I only see this on my event log. My system and statistics logs both appear to scroll intuitively. Hopefully this video illustrates what I am trying to explain:

I tried but I could not find any situation where the log could not scroll in the direction indicated by the arrow. 

But there is one case when the arrow may not be that intuitive; if you use the line/page button to set the log to scroll one line at a time instead of one page at a time, you still have an indication that you are on either the last or the first page, as the up or down arrows are removed. But in this mode when scrolling one line at a time, the log scrolling is circular, you can scroll to the other end of the log using the button without an arrow..