IqanSync Trouble

Florent Mirieu de Labarre 7 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 6


I am an user of IqanSync iOS with G11 on MD3/MC2 and MC42/MD4-10.

I have find some trouble to use when I try to do some diagnostic on very far country over internet, or with poor internet connection.

Issue 1:

When you update over internet ("Connect to machine"), after click on Send machine, on the progress windows you read "Stop application", and you can wait very longtime, because on the mahcine screen there is a message to ask the user (with accept or not). For the technician it will be better to change "Stop application" to "Stop application and wait the acceptance of user".

Issue 2:

It is very very difficult (like impossible) to update the firmware of MD3 and MD4-10 if the connection is poor. It seems that the data is not store on the iPhone before start the update, but send continusly It will be better that : 

- 1: IqanDesign/IqanRun send the file to the iPhone, 

- 2: the iPhone install the update himself (the update can be finish even if the connection is lost).

Issue 3:

With MD4-10 the file is more than 25 MB, and there no email box can be manage file with this size. I will be better that the firmware is auto-download by the IqanSync Apps (idem for IQANrun), like that we can send just a stripped file.

Issue 4:

If the custommer install the application himself (with a file send by email), it will need the master code. How it is possible to do that without the master code ?


Under review

Hi Florent,

Thanks for your feedback. 

1 and 2: Good ideas, adding these as a feature requests.

3: This is not feasible (and not how IQANrun works either), due to the fact that IQANsync would have to keep all firmware versions released, making it very big. Stripped files are only meant for use with IQANdesign. To transfer large files to a smart phone, please use the Dropbox feature.

4: Currently this is not possible. We're working on adding safe password support to the apps, same feature as IQANrun for Windows has. Hope to release later this fall.

3- The idea is not to keep all firmware version inside the app (iOS/Windows), the app can be download on request the needed firmware (like firmware .dll on IqanSimulate). 

The Dropbox Feature doesn't works with dropbox link, only with account. Add a feature to paste an dropbox link can be great.


IQANsync update (5.01.4 on iOS and 5.01.3 on Android) now available with support for safe passwords, solves your topic 4.

Nice, this is huge for us.

Topic 1: Changed text to "Confirming application stop with remote system". IQANrun does not know if the user needs to accept or if it is application logic that determines if the stop is accepted.