G3 Blinking

Masia Jean-Baptiste 7 years ago updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 2

I have a problem with a IQan G3.
My customer have instaled the G3 in the system and the led GSM Blinking : two green led after one green Led and On red light. the blinking turn in round.

In the instruction book, it is write two blinking Initializing to a server and one blinking Connecting to a server.

Do you have an idea of the problem associated with blinking

Best regard

Do they have the correct settings in the G3?

They need to enter the internet providers APN in the G3.

If they do not the modem will first do "Initializing GSM engine" (two green) then try to "Connecting to a server" (one green) when that does not work you will get "Fatal error" (constant red). The modem will then start over trying to connect again.

Configuring the G3 is done via IQANrun by either connecting the G3 modem to a master and then connecting to the master with IQANrun. You then select the system tab and then the G3, you should see a "Configure" option on the G3.

Or you can connect to the G3 directly with a CAN card by the tools dropdown in IQANrun  Tools / Configure CAN modem.