XC21/22/23 input current consumption?

Kevin 7 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

What's the current consumption on the DIN and VIN on the XC21/22/23 modules? We are looing at connecting a joystick with some digital switches that can only take a max of 2mA through the circuit, will the module consume more than 2mA on these inputs?


It depends on the supply voltage and the resistance on the inputs. 

The values on the DIN pull down resistors are specified on the line Input impedance in Appendix A


Your solution for switches rated at only 2mA is to supply them with 5V and connect to any DIN input pin, the lowest value is 6.8kOhm => 5V/6.8kOhm=0.73mA

If you have to supply the switches with battery voltage, you are limited to using the higher impedance inputs, the DIN:s sharing pins with VIN:s.