4-20mA , 0-5,0-10 VDC industrial command signals

Steve Liljestrand 7 years ago updated by Theo 6 years ago 4

The MC4x now has Current loop inputs (4-20 mA) but no 4-20 mA Output. 

Does Parker IQAN ever plan to offer a module (ICP Compatible) with Industrial output command signals Such as 4-20mA , 0-5VDC and 0-10 VDC?

I work with some Hybrid applications that integrate Industrial PLC's with IQAN Mobile controllers.

We are often struggling with signal integration between the two platforms. I know there are CAN to Analog solutions but they cost money and take time to integrate.

I also have a request to be able to give 4-20mA signal to another platform from MC4x, I assumed (while discussing the requirements over the phone) it would be easily possible by just using COUT, but only realised I have made the wrong assumption after reading up on it a bit. 

Such a feature to send a variable control signal will definitely be very useful for integrating with existing control systems and PLC's, as Steve has also mentioned above and I would also like to know the same thing. Is there going to be a straight forward IQAN solution for this anytime soon?

Just out of interest sake, what would happen if I set the output values on a COUT channel to 4-20 anyways? will the output be irregular at such a low amplitude or is the output just too low to actually do anything? I haven't tested this yet...

The COUT channels are PWM, current regulated channels, so they will not control a device that requires 4-20 mA since they are of the PWM signal type.  The current is regulated, meaning that the output will detect changes in the load and adjust accordingly to compensate for the changes.  Also, the output from a COUT is not consistent below the rated minimum for a COUT which is typically around 100 mA.  It may not hit the commanded value below the rated minimum mA.  The minimum is listed in appendix A of the instruction book for a particular module. 


i have successfully used a CAN to analogue device to provide standard industrial outputs from Iqan. The one I have used extensively is by Seneca (type ZC-3AO) This provides three independent analogue outputs, programmable and scaleable as voltage or current and communicates to Iqan via CANopen. It is easy to set up and interface- the software is free!

The units have been used in both marine and mobile applications of ours and have proved stable, robust and reliable.

That said- can we please look to provide this feature directly from Iqan hardware in the future- thanks

can you share the program for controlling the Can module?

I have used the Parker PIO module in the past but these get slow when you use more than 2 outputs.