Timer function counting too fast and irregular timing issue

Captain Sprocket 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 0

We have 2 machines with identical control systems which consists of x2 MC41's and a MD4-7 (programmed in IqanDesign 5.01)  and have come across some timing issues on these systems.


1st issue is with the startup siren:

We have a siren connected to an output on one of the MC41's. When the machine is switched on it should give 2 short consecutive "honks" and then stop. (This function works with a "blinking" method using "internal digital" channel, where when activated it should honk for 333ms and then off for 333ms and then honk again for 333ms and all this happens within 1 sec with another internal digital that blocks the "blink" function when 1sec has been reached and all this seems to work as intended in  a simulation) but in reality, sometimes it takes even longer than 2 seconds to stop the siren which results in 4-5 honks when switching the machine on (this timing issue is very irregular and will work correctly say 1/10 times of switching the machine off and on). Also this function does not transmit anything over CAN which might have causes a delay somewhere but this logic runs locally on the MC41 that activates the siren, so I don't see why this function should not work as intended.



2nd issue is with recording working hours with a timer function:

I am using a normal timer channel that is set to "hours" to record and display the working hours of these machines, but I have realized that it is counting way too fast and I cannot see why.



I am sure I am just missing some minor detail here to resolve this... But I have spend too much time already just trying to figure out this silly little startup siren timing issue, so this is why I have finally resorted to asking for answers on this forum.