Substitute a L90ls electrovalve with resistances:

Dingoma 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 3

Hello, I want to know if is possible to substitute a L90ls electrovalve with a resistence to check an expansion module.
I want to make a  bank to conect a master or a slave module (XP2, XA2, MC43...) and check outputs of the module.
As the electrovalve has 21-23 ohms, I've used a 20 and 30 ohms resistence, but  "open load" error appears with both options.
Is there any way to check the outputs with a test bank?

What wattage did you select on the resistors? 

A too small resistor will be burn pretty quickly, resulting in an open load.


Sorry for delay in answering.

We use 2W resistors. We have tried with 0,25W in the first prototype, but they burned.

the modules kick out about 25 watts