over voltage possible?

Theleo De Bruyn 6 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 3

Dear reader

we need for an aplication 4 Voltage inputs on one of the MC4x serie, those voltage inputs aren't a problem but we need to have voltage inputs for 0-7 Volts. is it possible to connect those sesors on the voltage in for 0-5 Volts ,0-5 Volts will do the job in our program. this 7 Volts on the input isn't continuous, these are just peaks.

Thanks for the help!


On the MC4x modules you have a maximum continuous voltage of 32 V on 0-5 V inputs.

So a 7 volts signal is no problem, but you will only see up to 5 volt when using that input.

You do also have two 0-32 V inputs on the MC4x modules that you could use instead.

You will loose resolution, from 1.3 mV/bit on the 5 volt to 10 mV/bit, but will be able to see the whole signal instead.

Thanks for the help!

i just wanted to know if it was a problem for the module. i already readed it, but just asking in case it was a problem.

Thank you!