diodes on coils

Theleo De Bruyn 5 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 1

Hi there!

we are using prop valves for an application. and we use a cout (current out) to control them. but over the 2 pins of the coil there is a LED with a resistor. and in the instruction of our module (MC43) they say: Do not instal diodes over the coils.

so i was wondering: is a LED a Diode in this application? Do i need to remove the LED?

Thanks for helping!

What we meant with the note is to avoid installing external flyback diodes when using the COUT.  The IQAN-MC4x COUT has the necessary flyback diode internal. 

If your plug has a resistor + LED will not have the same effect, since it is arranged in the opposite direction. 

What you might notice is that the LED on the plug glows, due to the leakage current of the IQAN-MC4x COUT.