IQAN-MG units product no. 5010001

AKRAM BOUBAKER 4 years ago updated by CEDRIC 3 years ago 6

Could you advise if there is a replacement for the 5010001 ?

I have a defective module on my   SMV SC4542 TA5 and I can not find a replcement

could you assist me ?


The IQAN-MG is programmed with a unique application for the machine model, please contact the machine manufacturer. 

Hello. I have a Iqan MG 5010001 on a SC4535 TA5, and the module Iqan DG is displaying after ignition "Alarm Vref 0,6V. 

I control all supplying MG wire and it's OK. But it's writing that about all sensors are giving wrong/negative value, except speed sensor. 

Something else is that i measured the dc value at engine cooling sensor connector, and i got 0.3VDC. 

Let me notice that i can't have no more movement through joystick like lifting, lowering, boom in or out. Adding that the engine cannot accelerate. 

Can i conclude that the MG module is faulting ? 

Hello. I have the same or similar problem with the IQAN-MG unit, I can't get it anywhere, the machine doesn't work for me. Have you solved your problem yet? Where to get it? Thank you

Hello. I've not yet solved the problem. No way till date to get MG unit

I am looking for IQAN-Mg5010001 even if defective

Hi. I can't help, the module is not mine