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is the j1772 standard compatible with Iqan equipment?


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Moved the topic to hardware. 

All existing IQAN modules operate on 0-36 VDC. My superficial understanding of J1772 is that it is a standard for charging plug, operating at significantly higher voltages and with special circuitry for signalling. 

The signal I want to measure is the control pilot for a J1772 protocol : 

Image 4146


For applications where a sensor with PWM signal connect to the PWMIN on MC4x, it can be possible to go above the specified 500 Hz. Some accuracy is lost and the MR range will be more narrow. 

But also look to the trig levels. The PWM in is designed for a positive voltage, with trig low <1 V and trig high >4 V. 

The graph shows a +-12 V signal that change to +-9 V and +-6V. This is not compatible with the MC4x hardware. 

We effectively need to treat a 1kHz -12 +12V squarewave signal for the control pilot. The voltage tells the state of the charging station, the duty cycle of the square wave the allowable current to charge. We are planning on using the MC43 for the communication aspect of the J1772, not actively using it to pass through high current or voltage