control a servo with pulse range 500-2500us and frequency 50-330hz(DSS-M15S)

chuck streb 3 years ago updated by Arbutus 3 years ago 3

I am setting up my first project, run a servo.

I see how to set the frequency of the tag, but i don't see how to set pulse width.

0%=500us pulse  100%=2500us pulse.

Any example would be helpful 

Thank you !

i have the pulses and the frequency on output. The PWM voltage out seems to be the same voltage as the supply of MC43FS. So I need low side drive that will enable me to to use lower voltage. I cannot decipher the info in the manual, not enough examples. HS LS+ and LS-. Any good examples of wiring these outputs.

Both the COUT and the PWM out are primarily designed for driving coils on hydraulics. 

Creating a signal output for PWM control of another electronic device can be tricky. 

Yes, the outputs are PWM:ing the +BAT supply voltage.

The PWM frequncy can be changed via the property is on the pin in the block diagram, there are fixed values.

You could possibly make it work with a PWM out HS+LS, but it would require some tricks to avoid triggering the output error detection that expects a load to be connected between the high-side and low-side. 

Here are two other posts on trying to use MC4x PWM out HS+LS with an external source: 



Hi Chuck, 

I have looked at this as well for applications as there are a lot of very good servos that can be used for actuation.

The only way I can see this working with IQAN is to use a servo driver board and communicate with it over ethernet or CAN.

Here's one example: