Long Delivery Time Of Hardware?

Kevin 3 years ago updated by Richard 2 years ago 5

We have been told by our distributor here in the UK that all hardware (displays, master modules, expansions etc) are on minimum 12-14 week delivery time. Is this likely to improve any time soon?

Minimum of 3 months delivery for a component if we have one fail on a machine seems a very long time to wait!

We are in the same situation; I have machines in production that will be sitting waiting for IQAN products.

MD4-7 Delivery - October

MC43F Delivery - December

XC43 - I/O unit delivery - October

XC23 I/O unit delivery - October

I am not sure what I am going to do! It could be catastrophic for our order book and business.

I am encountering some our PLC suppliers closing order intake for 2021 !

We are still in the same position nearly a year on, desperate for parts and scouring the world for any supply lines. Is there any plan from Parker to improve the current long (variable) lead time of components?



We have a large stock of IQAN hardware in Sweden, maybe we can help you out with the most urgent needs.

 Drop an email of you are interested.



Thank you Niklas

I will pass your contact to purchacing