Serial numbers from clone

Marcel 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

If you make a clone, can you read the serial numbers of the hardware where the clone is retracted from? In the clone file somewhere I mean.



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The clone file does not hold S/N info. 

What you could do is to make a minimal script with IQANscript, that reads the system status and saves this in a report. 

There is an example of this that is installed with IQANscript, under Documents/IQAN files/ Solution library

Thank you for your answer! It was more like I have some clones from colleagues, and I would like to check the serial number of the device where he extracted the clone from. But I will check this script file. Thanks again.

Related question: is it possible to have an adjust item (text) which you can manipulate with your program? So change the text adjust item and change it to the serial number of the hardware. In this case, if someone make a clone file, you can see the serial number of the hardware in the clone file.