Closed Loop Control with Voltage Outputs

Marc Gregoire 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

I have a system that includes a dc motor, a dc motor controller, an MD3 master and XA2 expansion modules.

My overall objective is to control the output speed of the motor, through the motor controller, via closed loop PID control with the MD3 and one of the XA2 modules. The motor controller can accept a 0-10Vdc signal to regulate the speed of the motor.

Assuming I can monitor the rotation speed of the motor's output shaft via a frequency input or voltage input into the XA2 module but am uncertain of how I can output the 0-10Vdc output signal to the motor controller from the XA2 module, any ideas?

Thanks, much appreciated.

Hi Marc, I have controlled motors many times with IQAN but never closed the loop in IQAN. Motor loops can be tricky. I don't know anything about your application but if you have flexibility in the design of your architecture then I would be inclined to get a dedicated/matched motor driver card to close the speed loop and then send a speed demand to the card via CAN. A CAN interface will usually give you a motor speed feedback so you can keep an eye on what the motor is doing.


Following on from Nick's suggestion I've previously used a canopen to analog converter module from Seneca type ZC3AO to provide an analog output demand. It is software configurable (free download) to provide either voltage or current out over three independent output channels. It needs a 24vdc supply

Nick and Andyr, thank you for taking the time to provide me with your input. Much appreciated.