Controlling Voltage Outputs

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New to controlling voltage output devices with IQAN. Since there are no physical voltage outputs on the controller modules and just current outs, I am assuming I need to do some sort of conversion using the MATH channels? Ex, I am trying to control a sensor that has a 0-10V output.


If you need an 0...10 vdc input you can use a high voltage input it is 0...32vdc but default set 0...10vdc.

if you need a 0...10 output. than that is not possible with iqan. but it is possible by using a CAN to analog module.

I normally use the Seneca ZC-3AO for this. it has 3  analog outputs 0...20mA or 0...10vdc

Thanks, Ed. Is this available in NA?


I also use the Seneca modules extensively. They are an Italian company so widely available here in UK and Europe, but maybe not in NA?

You just need to find a module that will provide an analogue output (voltage/current) from a CANopen input

Hi Andyr, would this sort of module work to control a D1FP prop valve? (outputs signal 0-10v) I am trying to better understand how this CAN to analog module would work to power this

Sounds kind of strange to try and control a sensor, but if you want to "mimic" a sensor output value then you could also try and use a PWM to Analogue module--> https://www.ifm.com/au/en/product/CR3004 <-- cheap and super straightforward.

Just realized I goofed up - I meant to say that I am looking to control a prop valve that uses a 0-10Vdc signal. 


Ive used Axiomatic controllers to do this. I think they are Canadian?  Anyway, I used the AX021610 to specifically do a canbus to DC Voltage out solution. It also can take a measurement of the same voltage points so you can say set a 4.5v output and then measure it to make sure it is what you want it to be....The downside to axiomatic modules is that they need a special USB to canbus programmer which costs quite a bit....but then works with all their other modules. BTW the module I mentioned has much more functionality than just DC out and DC measure..its just that that was all I needed of it.

When I used it on my design I had the very occasional canbus disconnect... (which is disconcerting when you have a 1200hp engine running at full noise, throttle set by the DC voltage and no way to control it in the short term ) . That is a warning that the controller couldn't be reached on the MD display.... My termination was OK and the length of the run was trivial.... generally the IQAN master and the controller shortly thereafter reconnected without me having to do anything and all was again well with the world...... I cant say if it was my issue in software or a module problem or a general canbus issue (except that the other 3 things on the same canbus never complained and never disconnected and continued working while the DC module was playing with fairies....)

In thinking on this a bit more, I think I need to slow down the update rate on the J1939 frame. Mostly the issue occurred when there were multiple changes in demanded voltage output in a relatively short period of time.... (Not an issue for production use, more  maintenance issue) 

I'm sure if others have seen similar issues then well hear shortly :<)


Hi Andy, thanks for your input. I am currently looking at Axiomatic controllers as they are readily available in Canada. Are they configurable using a free Axiomatic software? I remember working with one controller vaguely and there was a software available straight from their website. Luckily, I have a CG150 cable that will do the trick.


Yes they provide ET free to configure the modules but I'm pretty sure a standard USB to Canbus dongle that you use for capture/analysis of bus traffic wont work with their modules. The following is an extract from a recent quote for a canbus to modbus module I need for something else. Ive removed the $ cost because its commercial in confidence and in AUD which doesn't help you in your situation at all... Just a note that you cant download ET until you buy the module, they send you credentials to get into their support site when you buy.... Its annoying because I like to understand what support is available before I buy...not after when its fait accompli 

It is (Price removed) although you will need our AX070502 Electronic Assistant tool for configuration – this is (price removed) and it works with all our products.

I was told by my local supplier of axiomatic modules that my Peak USB to can module I use for capture/analysis could not do what the AX070502 does....... I didn't actually try it because I couldn't afford the schedule impact if what they said was correct and after the arrival I wasn't that interested... Did I feel raped and pillaged....yep mildly...was it the first time I felt that way....Nope...Move on :<)


Please keep in mind that this forum is for discussing Parker IQAN. 


Are you aware of any other online facility that discusses Parkers IQAN controllers and connecting things more broadly than just the Parker elements alone? I ask in that there will be designs that can be done solely with Parker gear, but the vast majority will require more than just Parker gear and your controllers are perfectly set up to obviously facilitate such things. If we can't talk about it here, and having worked in large corporate environments I can understand why Parker would take such a stance, then where else exists where we can we discuss it more broadly?

Its a genuine question I'm not trying to be difficult, and no matter the answer I'll keep 3rd party stuff out from now on. I would have asked it of you directly rather than publicly here but don't believe that there is any Private Messaging capability on this forum when i went looking.


Interesting conversation 👍

I've been also wondering how would I get 0-10V or 4-20mA signal out from MC or XC modules.

Those signals are relatively common in industrial solutions.

A question to Parker. Would it be possible to have these 0-10V and 4-20mA output signal options on Parker IQAN modules in future?

No need to consider alternative solutions after that 😉