Is there a new MD3 display?

Kevin 9 years ago updated by Johan Lidén (Product manager) 9 years ago 4
Im sure I have read somewhere on this site about an MD3 M32? is this a different display from part number 20072409?
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Hi Kevin
The new version is called IQAN-MD3-M15 and has the part number 20077793.
You can read about the needed SW versions for it here: http://forum.iqan.se/topic/745358-iqan-md3-recommended-sw-versions/
What's the difference between the old and new version? My supplier is saying the original is still available, is this correct? Do you advise the new version on new applications? m assuming they are interchangeable?

Cplease sned me the links to the updated manuals (if different from original MD3 info on iqan.com)
The old version of IQAN-MD3 (20072409) is available until end of September 2015.
Redesign has resulted in:
  • New improved display element
  • New PCBA
  • New improved USB driver
  • New Bios
  • New IQANdesign 2.63 and 3.15
  • Improved display performance with better viewing angle, contrast and backlight.
  • New display element is not transflective.
  • No polarization limitation in landscape orientation.
  • Dimensions and installation is the same between old and new version.
  • Pin configuration is the same.
  • Application SW needs to be upgrades to 2.63 or 3.15.
  • Same module in IQANdesign.
Instruction book and datasheet is in the process of being updated.