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Kerim 9 years ago updated by Johan Lidén (Product manager) 9 years ago 2
We need going to do small screen. MD4,MD3 not suitable for that aplication. Because it will only display. So MD4, MD3 screen operating is smilar that: You have got a shovel sand. But you are using a dozer for this work. For example to view the mobile crane balance. You can see 10 second
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There vansco series. But we can not use in the iqan design platform. We can not programing multi master it. Canopen keypad and canopen indicator is the future thought?
For example: (Link removed by admin due to reference to competitor products)
Under review
Hi Kerim
Thank you for explaining your need for small size simple display. MD3 is the product closest to your request that we can recommend to use. Our ambition is to broaden our product range to be able to meet customer demand for various complexity levels but today we don't have a product that 100% meets your request.