Reading Canbus through USB

Deanne 1 year ago updated by Andy 1 year ago 1

I have the IXXAT USB to CAN V2 compact adapters along with a phoenix D-sub connector that has a resistor. I am tied into the diagnostics bus line (CAN-A-L and CAN-A-H) on the MD4-5 but I am not getting a CAN connection on IQANanalyze. This is my system layout: 

Image 3621

I have a 4-pos deutsch connector for the G11 so I am using that for my USB Canbus adapter. I think I am missing something else.

I guessing you actually want to actually look at what is happening on Canbus B or C not what's happening on A. Each bus is entirely different/standalone and the traffic on that bus relates only to things that are on that Bus by default. You'll need to connect your adapter to the canbus you want to investigate, or have the routing set up so that what you want to look at is actually appearing on the bus your monitoring.

In your scenario I can't think why you would ever want to investigate what's happening on Bus A unless you have a non bluetooth Gateway issue where something isn't being sent and you're trying to work out why....but in that case I'd rather use the functionality of Design than use a raw bus analyzer (at least in the first instance).