Resolution of PWM output

Noah Breece 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3


When monitoring the output of the PWM it shows only values with no decimals although the input is with decimals. I have attached an example. Is it true that the resolution of the PWM output is discrete values?

Image 661

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The PWM out channel has value type Integer and unit %, so for monitoring the commanded pulse with the resolution is limited.

Also, the Min MR and Max MR are set as integer values in percentage.

But the value type on the input channel is real, and the result you get after scaling is the actual pulse width resolution specified in the instruction book appendix A , this is a much better resolution, see for example IQAN-MC3 or IQAN-MC43.

Here in the case of the IQAN-MC3, the PWMOUT resolution is specified as 1 microsecond.


The question was posted as a private ticket, but since it is a very general question and the printscreen is just an example I took the liberty of moving it to the public portion of the forum, I hope you don't mind.

Another comment is that for the IQAN-MC3, there are very few reasons to configure the output as open control PWM, for this module it is almost always better to configure the pins as COUT.