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String functions

Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 7 months ago 3

There are a few different forum questions and feature requests that I think would be possible to solve if we had added some string handling functions, for example comparison of text channel values: 



,string concatenation:


and conversion from integer to text


Anyone else who thinks this could be a good idea?


Great ideas,

I also would like the ability to have an Array of text or being able to extract text from a file.  This is for primarily for error handling.  I have devices with a very large number of possible errors.  More than what the state machine can handle (+ it is not very flexible).

I can sort my error or create Error log by number but then customer has to find code in instruction manual.

So the idea would be to be able to display a text based on an index.  If the Error file was external then it could be easier to deal with and may not tax the memory?  A Spreadsheet could be ideal thus allowing us to maintain the different languages or at least two dimensional array.

Under review

As a comment on this post, in IQANscript does have text compare.