What kind og iqan?

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A have an 2001 IllerIller tdi tracked vehicle, made in Sweden. The driving system is controlled by a iqan system. I attached a picture of the screen. Is there anybody how can tell my what version of iqan it is, and what software a need for adjust parameters? I find a rs232 cable behind the seat, and I guess it is for programming iqan.


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The picture is of an IQAN-DG, this is the display on the first generation of IQAN systems. The IQAN-DG display is a slave display, the machine control application for this is loaded in the IQAN-MG module (the large module with two 42-pin connectors, one at each side). Probably that is where the RS232 cable is connected.

The service tool for this system is called IQANtalk.

The tricky thing about this system is that all applications were custom made, and the IQANtalk service tool is locked to specific OEM:s with a "Manufacturer ID". Therefore, to get the correct key for IQANtalk, it will have to be aquired through the OEM who manufactured the machine.

It could also be tricky to get IQANtalk to work on a modern PC. It has been a while since I used it myself, but I know some guys keep their old Windows XP computers to use for these systems.

Thanks a lot. The worst thing is that the company is gone many years ago. Someone told me it should be possible to adjust it on the screen on a hidden menu. I must have a look.

Searching answer

Oh, if they are out of business it will be more tricky, but I might still be able to dig up some more info. What was the name of the company who manufactured and sold the machine?

norsjö mekaniska and a guy called Hansson. Leif Nord on å company called bandvagnservice are selling parts for older types, but don't know anything about programming. That's what he tells. Another guy here in Norway tells me that a svil engineering company in Sweden do the iqan work, but we can't find the name.

I spoke to the guy who did a lot of the programming on the IQAN-MG systems, and he guessed this is a machine named from a company that was named "Pist & Terrängteknik"

I found an old specification from 1996 describing an application "Bandmaskin Iller D 1,9 TDI Pist & Terrängteknik".

According to this, there is a PIN code protected menu for tuning sensors and currents. The PIN code should be possible to set using IQANtalk.


I looked a bit more at it, and I am not so sure about that PIN code menu anymore, if you do not see any such menus, it will probably be necessary to use the old service tool IQANtalk to tune this. The best thing is probably to get help from someone who is already servicing old IQAN machines using IQANtalk, and then we can make sure they get the correct key for the machine.

Thanks a lot. I have not found the menu yet,but i heard about another guy how found it. He could not se any parameters for adjusting the in-value from potmeter. I will try to find the hidden menu one again.

Går det att få tag på reservdelar till denna displaymodul?


Vi säljer inte reservdelar löst till IQAN-DG P/N:5010002. Det finns möjlighet att skicka in den för service för byte

av display etc. I samband med service görs det även en genomgång av produkt vid servicetillfälle.

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