Any plans for implementing J1939-76?

Huddig Daniel 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 week ago 4

Since J1939 (76) now support Functional safety up to SIL3 or Ple(!) is there any plans for implementing it any time soon..?!

Under review

Yes, we are looking at implementing this, the way the  SAE J1939-76 functional safety communications protocol is designed looks very promising. 

It won't come in the 6.00 release though, but hopefully in an IQANdesign release not too long after this.


Sounds great, yes, agreed, looks very promising!


I'm always cautious about saying a new feature is planned before it implemented for the very next release. 

But on this one I can say that it is coming. Maybe not in the next version (6.05), but in one of the releases to follow.