Has anyone been able to display multiple FMI errors from the same SPN in a J1939 DM1 engine message?

Dave Heiling 2 years ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago 2

I need to be able to display multiple FMI error messages  that are being broadcasted from the same SPN in a DM1 J1939 engine broadcast.

SPN = 3251

FMI = 3

FMI = 4 

FMI = 7

The IQAN system MD3 running with 5.06 will only display the highest FMI occurance which in this case is FMI = 7.  The other two FMI's are not displayed.  If a single FMI is present from this SPN, it will be displayed.

Any one done this before?

Customer is currently using IQANdesign 5.07.  Is it possible to display all the FMI numbers if multiple numbers are occurring at the same time? If not, how does a MD4 handle multiple messages?

It is possible under some special conditions, this is how it works today in 6.04:

Multiple DTC:s with same SPN and different FMI can be seen on the MD4 in the case where no matching SPN channel is defined.

These DTCs can be seen in the J1939 module info list.

These DTCs will also be seen in the dialog box (requires 6.x, a maximum of 3 DTC are shown).

DM1 logging (also requires 6.x) will only log one of them.

I have actually thought it was quite unusual to have more than one FMI for the same SPN at the same time. The example in the original post seems to me as if they should be mutually exclusive. 

But do recall one recent case where the same question was asked.