can't copy and paste into IQAN Design version 6.02

Mike G 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 12 months ago 5

It is not possible to copy code or function groups from previous versions of IQAN design and paste them into version 6.02.  I have verified this with versions 5.04 and 6.01.

Satisfaction mark by Mike G 12 months ago

Open the older project file with IQAN design 6.02, then copy and paste into your new project.

In 6.02, the copy function has been rewritten. The performance of all copy operations is improved, but as a consequence clipboard copy between a previous IQANdesign and IQANdesign 6.02 (and later) will not work.  

You can copy between instances of 6.02, so as Ed suggests you can open your older project file in one instance of IQANdesign 6.02, and copy to another program instance of IQANdesign 6.02. 

As a workaround I am using the "Export Components" command to export code from 5.04 into a folder.  Then when I'm in 6.02, I can use "Import Components" to import that same code.  This method is not as fast as copy and paste, but it does work quite well.

I would rather not open a project in 6.02  that was developed in 5.04 as Ed suggests, because of the risk of accidentally saving that file in 6.02.  The older project in question is already in the field and works well and does not need to be updated to 6.02.  Also I don't want to have both a 5.04 and 6.02 version of the same project because of the potential for mix ups.

Just to clarify "In 6.02, the copy function has been rewritten. The performance of all copy operations is improved, but as a consequence clipboard copy between a previous IQANdesign and IQANdesign 6.02 (and later) will not work."  Does this mean that the inability to copy code from 6.01 and earlier into 6.02 and later is not considered a bug and will not be amended in later versions of IQANdesign?