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Help text for adjust items in adjust menu

Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by anonymous 7 months ago 4

It would be really helpful to be able to add a help text to adjust items.

This would ensure technicians/users have relevant instructions about what they are adjusting on screen.

The items with help text could show in a pop-up like when editing text parameters or in fullscreen like when adjusting input channels.


I agree! Or a question mark button you can click on the adjust item which will show some more information. Sometimes it is not enough to only use a short name, especialy when there are items that are a bit similar.


It would be really helpfull. Or that the description can pop up anywhere

Under review

Interesting feature. What sort of text lengths are you thinking of? On an MD4 the memory usage wouldn't be an issue, but for the MC4x I am thinking that this could be more of a concern. 


I have looked at a some different applications and for most adjust items 80 characters are enough, however for a few items at least 200 characters are required to give the user all information.

For a few complicated things it would be nice to be able to have even longer texts.

With 20 adjust items with text and 200 characters that would be only 4kB or 16kB for unicode languages.