Generic CAN Frame Out - Assignment

Barnhart Crane 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

I'm confused about the Generic CAN Frame Out channel. It appears it needs to be "assigned" to a certain module on the bus, but its very nature is that it 'belongs' to the IQAN master sending the frame out onto the bus. IQAN Design will not allow you to assign the channel to an IQAN module. It seems you can only assign it to a generic module.

Does a dummy module need to be created that represents the IQAN module? Or should the frame out channel be assigned to the module it's intended to be received by? This 2nd option doesn't quite make sense either, since a CAN frame could be intended for multiple nodes on the bus.

Any guidance?


You are correct, the channel is assigned to the module intended to receive it, that way the iQAN master knows which canbus to send it on. Of course nothing prevents other modules on the same bus from receiving the message.

Thanks Pierre! I guess it seems like assigning the channel to a bus would have made it more clear, but since this is the only time that concept is needed, maybe it wasn't worth introducing.

This was very helpful.