down/up loading clone file into machine with G11 takes lot of time

Laura 3 months ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 1

What is a normal time to upload software or clonefile into a machine with Iqan Go and a G11.

A clone file of 40Mb consists of MD4-7 and Asian languages takes more than 4 hours.

What is your experience? I can send the clone file to you for investigation.

An impoftant factor for the MD4 update is how much of the firmware and other resource files that needs to be updated. 

If the language font has been changed, a file with all fonts is sent again. 

If an image has been changed, a file with all images is sent again. 

If the project include PDFs, a file with all PDFs is sent.

If the IQAN software version has been changed, new files are sent depending on what needs to be updated. 

The size of the update varies between versions, but it is always several MB. 

As an example, updating an MD4 between 6.07 and 6.08 is 10-11 MB, and takes about 60-70 minutes over a G11. 

With the new G12 that we'll start selling later this year, the same update is done in less than 15 minutes.