The new IQANgo app is now available on App Store and Google Play.

With IQANgo, the functionality of IQANrun for tablets and IQANsync is merged into one app, designed for both phones and tablets.

Main features


The IQANgo user interface is adapted to fit the screen size on phones, including graph measure.


IQANgo can be used for adjusting items that are available in any adjust group in the system, similar to IQANrun for PC with a more compact user interface.

Protected adjust groups can be accessed through user login.

Send, Get and Manage files.

Send updates to machine using project-, clone- or settings files.

Tapping any of these attachments in a mail program or file explorers will launch IQANgo. In cases where this does not work, put the file under the IQANgo folder on the device.

Get clone, settings and log files.Files are stored under the IQANgo folder on the device.

-Manage and email files stored locally on the device.


Logs can be viewed, saved (IQANrun log file or CSV) or emailed.


Connect to machines using WiFi, Bluetooth or via Internet.

Local connections via

  • Bluetooth (IQAN-G11)
  • WiFi

Connection to remote system via internet using IQANconnect

Remote assistance -connect to internet

Connect machine to internet via IQAN-G11 - IQANgo app - IQANconnect

When connected, the app provides an IQANconnect key that can be emailed to a user of IQANdesign/IQANrun/IQANgo. 

No license needed

IQANgo is available on Google Play and Apple App Store as a free app, no license is needed.

Advanced users connecting via Internet to remote machines need an IQANconnect license, same license as for IQANdesign and IQANrun for PC can be used.

IQANgo combine all features from the previous Android/iOS apps, IQANsync and IQANrun for tablet, including pro-features. These apps are no longer needed and will be replaced by IQANgo.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
Under review

script for IQANgo

Tim P Harris 8 months ago in IQANgo updated by Pierre Fagrell 8 months ago 3

I have a customer who has requested to use IQANgo with scripts. ideally he would like to upload the reports to the tablet or Ipad . I know from previous posts that there were no plans to add this feature. is this still the case?

Will be answered

IQANgo Adjusting Minimum Current

Jason H 2 months ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 1

When using IQANgo 6.05.29 to adjust minimum current for a current output, the actual output is not limited to the minimum current value like it is when adjusting using using IQANRun on a laptop.  This makes it difficult to set minimum current values using the app.  Is this by design?  Can the app get updated to reflect how IQANRun works?


IQANGo connecting to Parker Gateway for Mobil IoT

chuck streb 6 months ago in IQANgo updated by Hector 6 months ago 6

I have a few challenges. First I don't know what the Wi-Fi password is to my mobile gateway PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M2W1U1.

I also am not able to find good instructions of how to enable IQANGo to connect via WIFI to the gateway. 

Hope someone here can help.

Thank you

Under review

Gauges for iqango

Tuomas 9 months ago in IQANgo updated 9 months ago 3

Could you add simple gauges for IqanGo? You could select 1 -4 main measurements to shown on gauges. That would be more userfriendly than watching small numbers.


G11 Name

Pawel Pekala 1 year ago in IQANgo updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 1 year ago 1


Where can I change G11 properties, so when it is populated on machine list it is listed as a unique "name"

Thank you   


IQANgo replace IQANrun (for tablets) and IQANsync from end of June 2020

Our current apps IQANrun for tablets and IQANsync for smartphones will be replaced by the newly released IQANgo from end of June 2020. IQANgo will contain the same or more functionality as the apps it replaces and will be easy for the users to learn how the new app works.

New versions of IQANrun and IQANsync will only contain information that the apps have been replaced by IQANgo and that users are recommended to go to the app store or google play store to download the latest version of IQANgo. This is valid for both iOS and Android versions.

Read more about IQANgo in our store:


Under review

Software upgrade 6.05/06

Jack 2 months ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 2

We are having issues which started with 6.05.( same results 6.06) Upgrading program software with MD4 and Mc43 via Md4 ethernet port, it proceeds till loading up Mc43 then says no contact and stops. Only fix we found is load up through Can adapter or Bluetooth( can take few hours) Anyone else have issues upgrading through ethernet?


Can't use comma in IqanGo

Gerard Essink 6 months ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 1

I have a customer who reported that several of their service engineers complained about the comma not being available in their Iqan go app keyboard.

The comma here should be used as a decimal separator (Dutch) for Real parameters in an adjust group.

Using a dot as a decimal separator yields an error

Not a bug

IQANgo 6.04 for ApplePhone

Andy Pauly 6 months ago in IQANgo updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 months ago 3


I used IQANgo with 6.04 version with my Android phone to check if the G11 is working and remote software update can be done. Now the unit is by the customer and the IQANgo for apple is only in the version of 6.03. The firmware of the G11 is not communicating with a IQANgo iPhone 6.03. What should we do?


Andy Pauly