IQAN-MG units product no. 5010001

AKRAM BOUBAKER 12 months ago updated by Jiří Chaloupka 2 months ago 3

Could you advise if there is a replacement for the 5010001 ?

I have a defective module on my   SMV SC4542 TA5 and I can not find a replcement

could you assist me ?


The IQAN-MG is programmed with a unique application for the machine model, please contact the machine manufacturer. 

Hello. I have a Iqan MG 5010001 on a SC4535 TA5, and the module Iqan DG is displaying after ignition "Alarm Vref 0,6V. 

I control all supplying MG wire and it's OK. But it's writing that about all sensors are giving wrong/negative value, except speed sensor. 

Something else is that i measured the dc value at engine cooling sensor connector, and i got 0.3VDC. 

Let me notice that i can't have no more movement through joystick like lifting, lowering, boom in or out. Adding that the engine cannot accelerate. 

Can i conclude that the MG module is faulting ? 

Hello. I have the same or similar problem with the IQAN-MG unit, I can't get it anywhere, the machine doesn't work for me. Have you solved your problem yet? Where to get it? Thank you