Routers and IQAN modules with Ethernet

Routers often contains a DHCP server that assigns addresses to connected devices. Normally it will work fine to connect an IQAN master and a PC to the same router and just start communicating using our PC tools. But if the DHCP server in the router is configured to assign addresses in the same range as those reserved by the IQAN master it will not be possible to communicate with the master. The following address ranges are reserved by IQAN masters:

Subnet meaning addresses from -
Subnet meaning addresses from -

If the router is configured to use any address within the ranges above it needs to be reconfigured to work together with the IQAN-MD4. The IP address of the router can for example be set to with a subnet mask of Normally the DHCP server in the router will automatically assign addresses within the new subnet. In some routers the DHCP address range needs to be changed as well. In this case the range can be set to e.g. - What is important is that the three first digits in the addresses are the same as the IP address of the router.

Another way is to connect the IQAN master directly to the Ethernet port of the PC. The master and PC will then assign automatic IP addresses and communication should work without any configuration changes.

Note however that Windows normally takes around one minute before an automatic IP address is assigned.

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