360° Rotation of Gauges

John Wambold 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 7

I have an application where I am using a gauge to display the position of a rotating object. I make the 12 o'clock position the 0° point. I noticed that as my input is rotating from clockwise, that the needle on the gauge rotates counter clockwise from 359° back to 0°.

It would be nice to have the gauge continue to rotate in a clockwise direction as my input crosses the 0° threshold.


There are plans to allow this in a later 4.0 release. I'll add your comments to the existing feature request.


Added in IQANdesign 4.03, see case 32490 in the release notes.

Ulrik, we cannot get the rotary gauge sweep to work as described. We are using the rotary gauge for a loader position where more than 360 degrees of rotation are often used, and when we use any rotary image to display the position, when ever the gauge goes beyond 359 degrees the gauge needle goes back to 0 in the opposite direction. This image control did not do this with the MDL displays in version 3.19. In earlier software the needle would go beyond 359 degrees and keep rotating in the same direction, not go back the opposite direction to 0 and then begin showing position again. Our customer is quite unhappy because this feature worked several years ago, but does not work the same now. I have a sample image program I can share with you. We have tried this with every version of IQAN design since 3.19. with MD3 and MD4 displays and it does not work as it used to. Can you please help out with this topic?  Our IQAN user that uses this feature is looking heavily at non-IQAN displays because of this problem and it has become a hot topic. Can you please advise?


When is this update going to be out? It used to work completely in earlier versions of IQAN software with the MDL/MDL2 displays, but this feature went away. We have a customer that uses the rotary gauge sweep (0-360 degrees) and when they were using the MDL displays this feature worked fine. When software got updated over time this feature went away. We have been in contact with our local Parker rep a great deal regarding this *decline* in  image performance and we have been promised it would be available on *The Next* software upgrade, but it has not happened. Our customer has been informed several times that this feature that was once  available will be back soon, because that is what we have been promised by our local Parker reps, but it is yet to happen, Frankly, our customer feels like this topic is not even on the concern list to be fixed and they feel like their request is not being heard. This customer is not at all pleased with progress and false promises with this topic. As an IQAN distributer we do our best to support our customers, but this one is driving our customer to look at non-IQAN displays because after several years of hopes that this will be addressed. We have worked with Ed Polzin, Marcel Colnet, and even Ken Larsen regarding this topic and no results have came from it. Again, this customer is beginning to look at other non-Parker displays because they do not feel like they are being heard and this topic does not seem to be a priority. It used to work fine with older displays/software but not now. This should be a small and relatively simple fix, why is it not getting any attention after several years?  Please update ASAP 


Parker is showing this as *completed* but it DOES NOT WORK and has not worked in any version of software from 4.0 and up. It worked ion 3.19 but in no version there-after.

Hello Mark.

What was implemented in 4.03 was that you could set the circular bar to behave like you describe, not the image gauge.

We do have a case for implementing the same on the gauge but not sure when it will happen.

But this never worked on a MD4, not in the older software either.

It did however work on a MDL/MDL2 as you say. the reason for that is that those do not have the smooth movement that the gauges have on the MD4, so you could not see when the gauge jumped back down.

There is a workaround so you can do the same on a MD4 now if you can live with the gauge not moving as smooth as normal.

You can control the angle of images with channels in the application.

Make a image of the dial and have a channel that converts the input to angle and use that channel to controll the angle of the dial image. Then just put that image over the gauge background and it works like it used to.

I made a simple example here to look at.


Previous implementation was for MD4 circular bar.

In 6.00, full circle mode is also implemented on Gauge and Image Gauge

(this feature will come in 5.05 also)