J1939 Comunication Between Master And Slave

Carl 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated 7 years ago 10

Hi Guys,

We have a MC42 and an MC41 on a machine. MC42 is connected to the J1939 Channel.

We would like to communicate some limited J1939 messages between the master and slave. How do we do it?


Tried that but doesn't work.

Have a look on the file "Multi master with J1939.ida4" in the solution library in your documents: like this C:\Users\......\Documents\IQAN Files\Solution Library


There is no "Multi master with J1939.ida4" on my pc, can someone up load it please?


Thanks for that!

Do I have to hard wire the diag CAN line to the J1939 CAN line?

Hi guys,

Still no luck. Is there no way to get a slave to send a J1939 message on the bus without hardwiring it?

We need the slave to send a message that the master will respond too and it just doesn't work???

You can separate them..


..but also have diagnostic & J1939 shared

...not sure if this of any help

We have this but nothing from the slave appears on the J1939 BUS?