Any Way To Store Serial Number?

Carl 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

Hi Guys,

Tired so many different ways to get the ECU serial number but failed!

If I use PGN 65259 and I get it on the J1939 Bus but no way to use it. Tried using the Slave to request it from the master, it requests it, master responds but the slave doesn't see the response, guess a timing thing where slave request and the response is in the same cycle. We really need to save the serial numbers of the master and slave ECU, so we can compare them at every start up to check they are still the same, then send both serial numbers via PGN 64965 on the J1939 BUS. Shame we can not use the internal Serial number from the "Module Diagnostic" function?


The MDGN for module SN is of value type text, and in existing versions, there are no operations for handling text channels, these can can only be shown on the IQAN master displays, be stored in the logs and shown in IQANrun when measuring.

Module SN can be requested over J1939 using PGN 65259 since version 3.14, but if there was some string handling functions that could be used as an alternative approach. 

I added a separate feature request post about string functions here, 


there are a few similar topics that would be helped by that I think.