Disable smooth animations on MD4

Antonio Garcia 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by RobinArvidsson 7 years ago 7

Hello All!

I've been giving a try IQAN 5, and it's new graphical features, because I wanted to make some dinamic drawings to represent the position of an elevator crane.

I Found it easier to use images (X,Y,Angle) instead of lines (X1,Y1,X2,Y2), for this purpose. And, obviously, with images I can get a closer representation of the actual machine.

But...smooth animations totally runined my plans. 

When X and Y properties get a new value (from a variable), the image will move instantly. 

But, when its angle property changes, the rotation of the image won't change instantly, it will turn "smoothly". Similar to the smoothed movement of gauges or bars... which I don't really like much either, by the way.

Please, watch this example:


Is there a way to disable animations?

Perhaps a checkbox or smooth factor (in images, gauges and bar properties..) in future releases...?

Thanks a lot!

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We're planning on making it possible to disable the smooth rotation in a future release. Hopefully not too far away :-)


The "smooth animation" when rotating images is removed in IQANdesign 5.01.

is this removed all together? 

i was using it alot, and now have a bit sluggish animation instead. 

Yes, it is removed. Have you tried using filters, as Antonio suggest below?


Yes, i've been testing some. i'll manage :) 

Thanks a lot!

If any one still needs smooth movement, the angle variable can always be run through any of the different available filter channels...so now it's up to the programmer how to move their images.

But I would like to go one step ahead. Could it be posible to apply any better algorithm for processing rotated images? Current method seems nearest neighbour (just guessing...), whereas bipolar interpolation, for instance, would give by far much better results. In case it won't have much impact on general performance...

PS: I Can open another thread with this request, if you find it feasible.

Thanks a lot again.