Select interactive control with external button

RobinArvidsson 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated 7 years ago 2


I'm in the need of being able to select a slider on screen without adding it to the "External button controls" list. 

Is it possible with a idc or similar to select and adjust a slider?


i've got a display page with 1 slider, when i rotate my external encoder the slider is hidden and a new slider for a different function parameter is laid on top. When i use this approach i cannot use the "external button controls" since most of the function parameters are hidden until scrolled to.

Hello Robin.

You could instead of hiding and showing sliders have different display pages with the only different being the different sliders. And have the encoder changing display pages.

Or you could use only one Function parameter and have states on it that you change with the encoder.

This would require you to do some more in the application to save the different values from the different states to separate channels so you can use them in the application. 

Hi Thomas!

Yes, i've considered using multiple display pages, but i still get the problem of not being able to adjust the slider without changing page. i'd need a way to know that the slider is in "adjust mode". Or trigger it to enter "adjust mode"..

today i have a function parameter that changes states based on rotations on the encoder. this can either change page or unhide values, ive gone with the latter. but i cant find a way to select the slider on the screen and adjust it.