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Hello forum users,
I would think to use weather station for a mobil project by IQAN. Weather station use NMEA 2000 communication protocols.So I did internet research. The NMEA 2000 protocol is based on the j1939 higher layer protocol. Can I use iqan module for NMEA 2000 protocol ?

I have never implemented anything with NMEA2000 myself, but IQANdesign supports setting the Data Page bit, effectively giving you a 17 bit PGN. I believe the main reasons to introduce this was to be able to build up NMEA2000 messages in IQANdesign

We have worked on marine application requiring the controls f the vessel's steering system. These applications integrate the IQAN controls system with NMEA2000 and other J1939 devices. Among those devices are autopilots, rudder angle sensors, GPS, compasses AC I/O block, engine ECMs etc ...
Very simply put, the NMEA2000 is an extension of the J1939 standard whereby marine specific information is transported over CAN bus messages with extended PGN numbers ( 17 bits instead of 16 bits for typical J1939 messages). Reading and writing NMEA2000 messages with our IQAN modules is easily done using the IQAN software for both single and multiple packet messages. As Gustav showed , there are provisions in our software to set the data page bit of the J1939 frame channel resulting in the needed extended PGN number for marine specific messages.
I will say there are some limitations when it comes to the network management when NMEA devices are added or replaced. Their network protocol may required them to arbitrate a new source address to prevent any conflicts of identification. This address claim process may cause the NMEA module to adopt a new source address which could result in the loss of contact between the IQAN master and the newly addressed NMEA device(s). So proper handling of this situation should be considered.
If your NMEA system calls for one NMEA device or multiple devices with a layout that is not likely to change , then you should not have any problems.
So to answer your question, yes it is possible to use IQAN modules to work with NMEA2000 devices. However some considerations need to be taken. Could let us know a little more about your application ? How many NMEA2000 devices are you trying to integrate with the IQAN system ?
We look forward to knowing a little more about your application. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your replay. I will let you based on NMEA200 know the progress.

Has there been anything new with IQAN and NMEA2000 in the past 4 yeas?


I am trying to communicate between Scintex SFM0000 Fuel Manager that followd NMEA 2000 standards with a Parker MC43FS. I have tried just about everything using J1939 protocols and Scintex specification sheet that I have attached. Are there any recommendations on what I might be doing wrong? I have confirmed all physical wiring is correct as well. I am also using IQAN Design 6.08. 

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Hi Alex, do you have an email address I may communicate with directly?

Yes. alex@jkvengineering.com